… $35 for a weeks worth of groceries!

Hi there everyone! I’ve learned that budgeting is key when first living on your own. Here I have given a few shopping lists that I’ve made a few times this school season. So here we GO!

Week 1:

  • Breakfast = $10
    • egg wraps
      • sausage links ($4)
      • eggs ($2)
      • cheese ($2)
      • tortilla wraps ($2)
    • Meal prep option: Cook the sausage links, and chop them to smaller pieces. Cook the eggs. Lay out your tortilla wraps, and lay your eggs, then cheese, the chopped links into the tortilla. Roll up like a burrito, and put into a freezer safe bag. Freeze your wraps. Then ready to eat, roll in a slice of paper towel, pop them into the microwave when you need it quick in the morning.
    • OR make them up each morning, by precooking only the sausage links.
  • Lunch = $10.50
    • sandwich
      • honey ham ($3)
      • bread ($5.50)
      • cheese ($2)
      • sauces — mustard and mayo (already owned)
    • Self explanatory. 🙂
  • Dinner = $11
    • teriyaki chicken
      • chicken breasts ($6)
      • teriyaki sauce (already owned but… $3)
      • soy sauce (already owned but… $3)
    • noodles
      • asian stir fry frozen veggie blend ($3)
      • chow mein noodles ($1)
    • salad ($1-2)
    • Recipe time! Cook your chicken how you like: grilled, cooked in pan, baked. Toss teriyaki sauce and soy sauce to liking (aka. I eyeballed it! But start small! easy does it on the soy sauce! It’s like liquid salt!) Cook noodles as said on the package. Cook frozen veggie mix in the same frying pan as the chicken. Then divide the noodles, veggies, and chicken evenly into containers.
  • Snacks = $5
    • chex mix ($4)
    • rice cakes ($1-2)

Week #1 Total: $36.50

Week #2: Continue reading “… $35 for a weeks worth of groceries!”

…budget through your phone!

Hi everyone! As a college student, I had to learn how to plan out my spending! Here are some apps that you can download and start using right now, to start saving money! Clarity Moneythis was probably the best app download that I’ve ever made. It links to your bank, but doesn’t touch your money! It tells you how much you spend and when you get paid! … Continue reading …budget through your phone!