…budget through your phone!

Hi everyone! As a college student, I had to learn how to plan out my spending! Here are some apps that you can download and start using right now, to start saving money! Clarity Moneythis was probably the best app download that I’ve ever made. It links to your bank, but doesn’t touch your money! It tells you how much you spend and when you get paid! … Continue reading …budget through your phone!

…sensitive skin hacks!

Hi everyone! It is no secret to everyone in my life that I have sensitive skin, acne prone skin, and pale/delicate skin. Over the years, I have learned what works and what doesn’t with my skin. STORY TIME! I have tried all those name brand acne systems with NO luck — and I mean, I tried everything, and spent THOUSANDS of dollars! I went to … Continue reading …sensitive skin hacks!

…taking iPhone pictures, and editing photos on VSCO!

Hi there everyone! I am new to the whole photography and editing photos! But here is what I do, and use, to edit photos. FIRST, taking the photos! I don’t own a fancy shmancy camera so I use my iPhone 6S right now! Use the grid! helps a ton! Line up your focus where you want it. Go into Settings App, scroll and find “Camera”, … Continue reading …taking iPhone pictures, and editing photos on VSCO!

… 50 days till vacation and everything I still need to do.

Hello everyone! 50 days might seem like a lot of time but there are a lot of ducks to get straight! So lets take a look at my check list! 50 days to go: walk through closet and make a shopping list! This is the time to do online shopping, and still have enough time to return it for a different size, or get your … Continue reading … 50 days till vacation and everything I still need to do.

…suitcase hacks!

Here are my top 5 favorite things to do when loading up my roll-y storage tube.

#1.) STOP! and now, ROLL!

  • Its probably the most common thing said by travel bloggers but I kid you not, you save SO much space, time, and sanity by rolling all of your clothes. It also is easier to grab, and find something when looking for an item.

#2.) Packing Cubes!

  • I asked for these for christmas one year, and I got one set from my cousin, and another from my dad! Since I started using them, I can not stop! I have black mesh ones for my clothes, and clear plastic ones for my makeup, and tolietries!
  • Here are some listed places where you can find some!
  • Life hack!
    • If you don’t have time to order or run out and buy packing cubes — well put them on your shopping list for next time — but just use zipblock bags! Put your clothes into the bags, and zip up (not all the way yet!), and right before closing it, squish out all the air!

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…how to shop before a trip! AND how not to make your wallet cry!

Hi there everyone!

Here are some times that I have learned over time on how to make your well earned money go as far as it can go! Lets take about coupons, apps, shopping around, and online shopping!

First! I go through my closet and see what I already have, and layout (actually or mentally) what I plan on taking then I make a list of things I don’t have that I need. THEN I think what I might want additionally; that are not necessities.

Then, the fun part!

When you are planning ahead to go shopping. (And I mean like 1 or 2 months ahead!)

Online shop and check out these websites first! AND lets save some money too!

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