…10 tips on tanning!

Hi there everyone! Its spring season which means spring and summer vacations! I wanted to tell you about my once a week/every other week “mini vacation”… The tanning salon! Side note! Here in Michigan, the weather has been very bipolar and has decided to snow for a week straight in APRIL!… I don’t get it. BUT, lets get to back to the topic… over the … Continue reading …10 tips on tanning!

…sensitive skin hacks!

Hi everyone! It is no secret to everyone in my life that I have sensitive skin, acne prone skin, and pale/delicate skin. Over the years, I have learned what works and what doesn’t with my skin. STORY TIME! I have tried all those name brand acne systems with NO luck — and I mean, I tried everything, and spent THOUSANDS of dollars! I went to … Continue reading …sensitive skin hacks!