… prepare yourself for the plane!

Here are somethings you will want to do BEFORE you get to the airport! Here I have added a list of things you might want to pack with you in your carry on! First, my Carry on Packing List! Here is a list that I have made that also includes a list for your suitcase, and toiletries! check out this!>>>…suitcase hacks! Download Mobile Passport App — if … Continue reading … prepare yourself for the plane!

…suitcase hacks!

Here are my top 5 favorite things to do when loading up my roll-y storage tube.

#1.) STOP! and now, ROLL!

  • Its probably the most common thing said by travel bloggers but I kid you not, you save SO much space, time, and sanity by rolling all of your clothes. It also is easier to grab, and find something when looking for an item.

#2.) Packing Cubes!

  • I asked for these for christmas one year, and I got one set from my cousin, and another from my dad! Since I started using them, I can not stop! I have black mesh ones for my clothes, and clear plastic ones for my makeup, and tolietries!
  • Here are some listed places where you can find some!
  • Life hack!
    • If you don’t have time to order or run out and buy packing cubes — well put them on your shopping list for next time — but just use zipblock bags! Put your clothes into the bags, and zip up (not all the way yet!), and right before closing it, squish out all the air!

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