… prepare yourself for the plane!

Here are somethings you will want to do BEFORE you get to the airport!

Here I have added a list of things you might want to pack with you in your carry on!

First, my Carry on Packing List!
Here is a list that I have made that also includes a list for your suitcase, and toiletries!

What I pack in my “mini toiletries bag”!
This is a small bag that I have in my carry on, when my big one is in my suitcase!

  • Here is where I got my little bag: Target – Clear Small Makeup Bag
  • LIFE HACK! If you don’t want to go buy a small, clear, zip up makeup bag, grab a Zip block baggie! Gallon size, or whatever is freezer safe as it is thicker and is less likely of breaking open.
    • Hand Lotion
    • Face lotion
      • LIFE HACK! Can’t find a travel size of your favorite face lotion? Grab a contact container, and squirt a little bit into one or both sides of the contact case — then make sure you label it!
        • This hack also works with a empty travel size bottle!
    • Gum/mints
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Face/hand wipes!
    • Tissues!
      • Swing buy the “travel sized” section of the grocery store, or CVS! They have little tiny packs of tissues, and they will ALWAYS come in handy! — or you might meet a friend that needs one!
      • LIFE HACK! Grab another zip block bag and fill it up with tissues or napkins from home!
    • Teeth stuff:)
      • Grab a cute little travel size tooth brush and tooth paste kit at any grocery store, or CVS or Walgreens!
    • Hair Ties
    • Tiny travel size deodorant or perfume.
      • Just please don’t over do it on the smelly stuff! But you still want to smell nice and not like what you had for lunch…

Some quick and basic things, but they really make a difference! I hope this helps! Have fun traveling everyone!

XOXO, Renee


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