…10 tips on tanning!

Hi there everyone! Its spring season which means spring and summer vacations! I wanted to tell you about my once a week/every other week “mini vacation”… The tanning salon!
Side note! Here in Michigan, the weather has been very bipolar and has decided to snow for a week straight in APRIL!… I don’t get it.
BUT, lets get to back to the topic… over the past two years I learned a few things, here and there, about the do’s and don’t’s of tanning… and these apply to indoor and outdoor.

If you are new to tanning, or have questions regarding it, here are a list of things that I have learned, and what you might want to know!

PSA: If you have a family history of skin cancer, or a history of burning easily, I would advise to not tan, and proceed with the following tips with caution. I am not an expert, what so ever, and here I have listed things that I have learned by my personal experiences. Also, if while tanning (indoor or outdoor) and feel tingling or a burning sensation, you are most likely burning and should find shade immediately. If you are burnt, please give your skin a break and take care of yourself, as if you continue to receive sun exposure while you are burnt, this is when you harm yourself. Please be safe.

Indoor/Outdoor Tanning:

  1. Stay hydrated
    • before, during, and afterwards I make sure to have a full glass of water next to me.
    • If you are outside in extremely hot weather, or humid weather, make sure you are drinking something with electrolytes in it. Also, sugar!
  2. Ease into it
    • Indoor:
      • don’t jump straight up to the top level machine on your first time.
      • Go in small incriments. If you burn, wait a couple days (or a week), and let your body heal before going back, and when you go back, go for a shorter time.
    • Outdoor:
      • same thing applies. If you burn, calm down, take a break and take care of your skin.
      • When you burn, and keep tanning, this is wear you will harm yourself!
  3. Use a lotion before going!
    • Lotion will help keep your skin from drying out, will prevent wrinkles, and will make your tan darker, sooner!
    • My favorites are listed below if interested:)
      • Swedish Beauty Tanning Lotion – Pomegranate
        • I use the “Guava- little fun” but any of their lotions, I highly recommend as they have natural ingredients and are lotions, so they don’t dry out your skin:)
      • California Tan – Leg Tanner
        • I use a leg tanner on TOP of my lotion every other week… or whenever I notice a different between my torso and leg tan 🙂
  4. What not to wear (on your skin) while tanning!
    • makeup
      • will cause patchiness in your tan.
    • deodorant
      • will prevent your underarms from tanning….
      • ….I forgot for about a week straight and now have white armpits… learn from me.
    • body lotion
      • will also prevent from your tanning lotion from working and will cause more patchiness.
  5. Use a chap-stick with SPF
    • Your face and lips (AND EYES) are the most delicate when it comes to tanning.
    • Indoor or outdoor, I use chap-stick that has SPF in it
  6. Use facial lotion!
    • Indoor: there is special lotion that helps tan your face, keep it hydrated and has SOME SPF in it to protect your precious face!
    • Outdoor: I ALWAYS apply a facial sunscreen, as my skin is extremely delicate and will break out if I don’t use a facial sunscreen… I have listed my favorites below:
  7. Only go once (MAX TWICE) a week!
    • If you burn, you should wait at LEAST a week to go another time. Again, when you burn, and continue to have sun exposure, this is where you can harm your skin.
  8. PLEASE! Use eye wear!
    • By law, indoor tanning salons are required to see your eye wear before you are allowed to start tanning. Tanning salons will sell them for about $3-$5 for each set.
  9. Exfoliate
    • The night/day before you start tanning, use a loofah or a body scrub to exfoliate your skin. And afterwards, please hydrate your skin will a body lotion.
  10. Shower 2 hours after.
    • After the tanning salon I allow my tanning lotion to sit on my skin for a couple hours before I shower it off.
    • a while back, the owner of my local salon told me that your tan will develop a few hours after.
  11. Use an after-sun lotion/aloe after the shower!
    • Keeping your skin hydrated is key.
    • AND, if you notice peeling, please stop tanning and allow your body to heal.
    • Recommendations
      • After sun lotion
        • This one listed is a Hempz brand after sun lotion but you don’t have to spend millions to help your skin out… whatever works for your skin I just recommend you use a lotion afterwards!
      • I also use Sun Bum… Its my brothers favorite!:)
  12. Don’t scratch!
    • Scratching means that you tanned, and that you slightly burned… If you scratch it will hurt, you can scar yourself, and will remove your tan.

Again, please tan cautiously! 

I hope this helps! I understand this is sometimes a controversial topic, but I have learned that it helps my acne by reducing it, it also makes me feel happier. I have tried to keep my skin as healthy as it can be, and only do this once a week during the winter months to help my skin prepare for the summer sun, and spring/summer vacations! I know that everyone has their own opinions on this topic, and I understand if you do not agree with this.

Let me know if you like, or use, any of these tips. Also! If you know of anyone that would like to start tanning, share this post with them! Enjoy the sun everyone! Summer is coming quick! And please be safe!

XOXO, Renee



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