…how to stay motivated!


This past week has been cold, weird, and depressing here in Michigan, and of course it is right in time for my last week of classes and finals week (coming up next week starting Monday *cringe*!)

Here is a list of things that I do to keep me motivated at the most crucial time of the year!

  1. Sleep!
    • Starting the day off right happens with the night before. Making sure you have a good nights rest is very important for staying focus on the tasks ahead!
  2. Write everything down!
    • This is crucial for me. If I write everything down, then I can know what I still need to get done!
    • I have a white board in my room, in between my bedroom door and my TV, so I know that I will see it about 50+ times a day!
    • I also have a day timer/bullet journal. Either will do!
    • LIFE HACK! Make a list on your phone and set it as your lock screen, or make a reminders list and have set times that you should have an assignment done during that day. It will send you a notification by whatever time you set and you will always have your phone on you!
  3. Stagger out things to do!
    • If you have a million things that are due that week – or the week before – by writing it out then planning your week out ahead a time will make it not feel overwhelming!
  4. Stay hydrated!
    • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… your brain is more than 3/4 water! Feed your brain with what it needs and keep your body up to par! DRINK WATER!
    • I have a chart in my day timer that allows me to track how much water I was drinking that day and at what times of the day!
  5. Have snacks!
    • Almonds, granola bar, chex mix, apple slices (with peanut butter!), yogurt, cereal… you name it, eat it!
    • Question: what is your favorite snack? Comment below!
  6. Move locations!
    • Sitting in one place at once can get boring, distracting, and old very quickly!
    • I move from the library, to a coffee shop, or from my room to the kitchen. Find a place that you are comfortable in and crank it out!
    • I’ve spent 6 hours in one place before.
    • SIDE NOTE: Don’t ever study in your bed. You will get to comfortable and not want to study, and something in your brain tells you that it is nap time instead of work time.
  7. Get up!
    • It has been statistically proven that by walking around every 30-40 minutes while studying or working will improve brain function.
    • I will walk around, while reading out loud my homework, and this is how I memorize my notes! A great way to memorize terms!
  8. Workout!
    • When I can’t focus I get dressed, walk over to our gym, and spend 30 minutes running, and stretching; and when I return, I am pumped up and ready to work on the next task!
  9. Put music on!
    • I spent 3 hours yesterday multitasking and while doing so I had “dancing” or my “get pumped” music playing. This gets me in a peppy mood and makes me want to get everything done! – I also had a cup of coffee!
    • Follow me on Spotify to listen what I have been listening to lately!
  10. Have you time!
    • By setting aside a hour of chill time, or you time, will allow for your brain to calm down, and prepare yourself for more.
    • This could be taking the dog for a walk, taking a bath, or even baking cookies!
    • My me time is lying in bed after a hot shower, and binge Youtube videos for a hour before bed!
  11. Have a count down!
    • Having something to look forward to will make time fly by!
    • I have three count downs going! First, last day of the semester! Second, vacation! And third, graduation!
    • Either short term or long term, by having something to look forward to, you will be motivated to achieve those goals, and to get to that day!

I hope this helps! And I wish any other students luck on their finals for this semester and future semesters!

Also, I hope these tips can be of use in other tasks in your life time!

Let me know if you use any of these tips, and share with a friend you know that is stressed out!

XOXO, Renee


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