…how to survive final exams!

Hi there everyone!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks here at college. These next two weeks will make or break anyone, and here is what I do to make sure I don’t get any grays… or loose my mind.

Here is a list of things to do to relax, and still get stuff done!

  1. Wake up and use a face wash!
    • Every morning when you wake up, splash some water on your face, and prepare yourself for a crazy day ahead.
  2. Plan out each and every minute/hour of your day!
    • Using a planner or a white board to write out your tasks, and write them out by what time you need to get them done by, you won’t fall behind or feel like you are struggling to keep up.
    • AND, you won’t forget a single thing.
    • I have a white board hanging up above my light switch, next to my bedroom door and I walk pass it 20 times a day and this allows me never to miss a thing!
  3. Eat on a regular basis!
    • If you are not eating, your brain does not have energy.
    • Even if its a granola bar, or a handful of almonds, or my favorite… CHEX MIX!, keeping your body fueled, will allow for a better performance when studying, working on homework, or projects.
    • I have breakfast at 7:30am, lunch around 1pm, and dinner around 6 or 7pm. I also snack in between!
    • Snacks usually are apples, chips, yogurt, cereal (my dad calls me a cereal killer because I am known for being able to eat three bowls of cereal at once!) or and/toast! (I love toast!) — don’t mind my weirdness today:)
  4. Drink water!
    • Stay hydrated! Did you know your brain is 73% water?! YEAH! So give it what it needs!
    • AND, you’ll have more energy!
  5. Set aside 10 minutes here and there for some me time!
    • Its known that by studying or working on things in intervals is better than cramming.
    • So, give yourself a break every 30-40 minutes and send a quick text, watch a Youtube video, or take a walk and listen to a couple songs!
      • My favorite thing to do is to watch a Youtube video while I eat my lunch, dinner, or need a quick break.
    • AND! Make sure you’re standing up and walking around. It is not good on your body to sit for long periods of time!
      • I did a self study and found that my test scores improved by 8-10% when I walked around while I read OUT LOUD my lecture notes. It was an interesting site and I might have irritated my parents, but it worked!
  6. Breathe!
    • Stay calm.
    • Take a deep breathe once an hour, and don’t freak out.
  7. Set a bed time!
    • By setting a specific time that you’re going to close the computer, put down the pen, and shutting off your phone will ensure that you get proper sleep, and are prepared for another difficult day ahead.

I hope this helps! Leave me a comment if you are going to try this! Also, leave me a comment with something that you would like feed back on!

XOXO, Renee


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