…10 things to do this weekend!

Hi there everyone! As a college student we spend a lot of our time on our laptops, phones, and our heads stuck in books (at least we should). I have found that is always good to take breaks, and give yourself some time away. Here is a quick list of things that I have found helpful when I have nothing to do for the weekend, or need a quick getaway.

  1. Live close to the water? Find a beach!
    • I live 25 minutes away from Grand Haven, Michigan, and only 35 minutes away from Holland. My friends and I take coffee breaks… but not like you think. We drive to Holland, or Grand Haven, grab a quick coffee from a little “hole in the wall” coffee shop, make some new friends and discover new hangout places.
    • Discover new trails, or walks in the area! There is always a “National Park” type place near you!
    • OR take quick walks on the beach! This is a given!
  2. Find a new coffee shop!
    • One of my friends and I travel and discover new coffee shops, every Friday morning! This also helps us get ourselves through the week: as we look forward to getting away and just relaxing and chatting over a cup of coffee.
  3. Geocache
    • I got this app when I was in high school. We would follow the directions, go to the park, hike and find little nick knacks and leave something of our own, with a cute note.
    • Check this out!>>> Geochaching.com
  4. Walk downtown
    • Granted, I live in a city area, but this is a great way to get out, take a walk, and get some fresh air!
  5. Go to the park!
    • Stretch those legs! If its not downtown in a city, go to a local park!
    • You are never old enough to play on the swings! Swinging will always make you have a smile on your face!
  6. Walk the mall
    • When ever my girl friends and I have a rainy day and don’t want to stay home, we make a quick run to the mall where we walk around, try on some cute clothes (that we can’t afford) and grab a pretzel!
      • LIFE HACK! If you don’t want to pay the extra $2 or $3 for pretzel dip, grab a sauce cup and ask for mustard packets! Its FREE!
  7. See a movie
    • Find what is playing near you!
    • Find a cheaper, rerun theater. There are a couple of these near me, and we only pay a couple bucks to see a movie instead of the $11!!!
    • Is there an outdoor movie theater? And drive-in movie theater? Look it up!
  8. Yelp/Trip Adviser
    • I absolutely love these apps!
    • There is a tab that is “things to do” then input your location as “near me” and find out what is near you! You might find a cool new hangout spot!
  9. Have some friends over for a movie night!
    • Make a projector, out of your cell phone, a box, and a dollar store magnify glass! Check this out! >>> Youtube Video:)Play on a white sheet or a white wall!
    • Their ticket in? Bring food! Have your friends bring food with them. Have someone bring chips, another microwave popcorn, and another bring candy or pop/soda!
  10. Have a game night!
    • Have everyone bring one or two games with them!

I hope this helps! Have fun everyone and have a great weekend! Let me know what you think, and if you try any of these out!



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