… Live Lively

Hi there everyone!

Here I have decided to include a small review of the brand called Lively. Here I will include: who they are, what the sell, what I think, and give a coupon code if you are interested! So lets get into it!

First, the brand!

This brand is, as said on the website, “Inspired by women with wild hearts and boss brains.”

They believe in smart, sexy, healthy, active, and outgoing women! And they believe in supporting wonderful women by giving them products that are cute, and work (and supportive… wink wink)!

They are mostly known for their “busty bralettes” which are those cute lace pieces, but are meant to be supportive, cute, comfortable, and stylist for those bustier gals!

BUT, that’s not all! They don’t just make lingerie, but active wear and swim wear, as well!

Next, what I think!

I have bought three new bras from them now, all in different styles.

Personally, I can NOT wear wired bras, so I was able to purchase three different bras that have ZERO underwire — one of them is even a push up! (WINK WINK LADIES!)

I actually love these.

  • I think the material is nice
  • doesn’t show when I wear a tight teeshirt
  • They get the job done!
  • soft
  • straps are nice
  • elastic bands are stretchy, soft, and not too tight!

Additionally, my best friend is bustier and skinny, and she said the bralette piece is soft, works well, and she forgot that she was even wearing it one day!

What am I planning on getting next?!

I am excited to receive my next package, as I am thrilled to finally try the perfume, swim suits, and a new sports bra!

And Lastly, that coupon code: as I promised!

Here is my coupon code if anyone is interested in checking them out! Just apply it at checkout!


I hope this helps! Let me know if you end up checking them out, or buying anything, and what you think!

XOXO, Renee




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