…budget through your phone!

Hi everyone! As a college student, I had to learn how to plan out my spending! Here are some apps that you can download and start using right now, to start saving money!

  1. Clarity Moneythis was probably the best app download that I’ve ever made.
    • It links to your bank, but doesn’t touch your money!
    • It tells you how much you spend and when you get paid!
    • It will also will show you ALL of your subscriptions and asks you if you want to make any changes!
  2. Your banks app!
    • almost every bank that I know of has their own app
    • they have features that will tell you when you reach a certain point (aka too low) and others when maybe there is random activity!
  3. STASHthis app allows you invest, and save spare change.
    • It also links with your bank and will ask you how much you want to save or invest on a weekly, monthly, or however often you want to save!
    • You can stop whenever you want!

I hope this helps some of you all trying to save money, or change some money habits!

XOXO, Renee


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