…sensitive skin hacks!

Hi everyone!

It is no secret to everyone in my life that I have sensitive skin, acne prone skin, and pale/delicate skin. Over the years, I have learned what works and what doesn’t with my skin.

STORY TIME! I have tried all those name brand acne systems with NO luck — and I mean, I tried everything, and spent THOUSANDS of dollars! I went to the dermatologist, and it made it WORST! After spending 7 or 8 years with acne, and I still have problems with my skin, I was ready to give up (just like you right?!)… BUT it wasn’t until recently I think I finally found the right combo that helps me, and it MIGHT help you.

So here I have listed my routine, and the products that I use, and you might find it will help you too!

In the AM:

  • Wash Face
    • Use an oil-free face wash. This is typically labeled “oil-free”, “gentle”, or “sensitive skin”.
    • I have used Neutrogena, Alba botanica, Aveeno… you name it, and I’ve probably used it!
    • But here is what I used now and HIGHLY recommend
  • pH balancing mosturizer
    • This is key!
      • Now don’t say “but Renee I have oily skin”, well what I learned is that if you have highly oily skin, it might be due to your skin being out of balance and will over produce oil’s!
      • “I have really dry skin” — try using a serum, or a “hydro gel” which is water based! or a lotion.
  • Makeup
    • I use BB creams or CC creams on the daily basis and Tarte when I go out, or have a special event.
    • Find what works best for you and your skin.
    • Also, I recommend using a primer that works with your skin: this could include oil control, acne control, or long lasting.

In the PM:

  • Shower
    • I shower at night, but if you shower in the morning; shower, wash your face with a oil-free face wash, apply medicine, then lotion.
  • Wash Face
    • Same stuff that I used in the morning! BUT, I will also use a scrub (only once and a while)!
    • Wash gently, using circular motions, that go away from your face — towards your ears!
  • PAT dry
    • If you scrub your face too much, it will irritate your skin and it will retaliate!
  • Medicine
    • I can not thank this brand enough for finally making a product that works for me. I found that I can not use acids, or peroxides, on my face. These products will actually make it worse.
    • Here I have listed the brand that I have used for almost two years! I will never go back, as it has made my face, that much better!
    • They also have a moisturizer and face wash, as well.
  • Lotion
    • same as before
    • OR use a night creme!
  • Sleep:)
    • This was the game changer for me!
    • LIFE HACK! If you notice that you have a ton of acne, try switching your pillow cases out every other night.
      • Want to kick it up a notch! Buy all white cases. When you wash them, bleach them! The bleach will kill any bacteria that might cause your skin to break out!

I hope this helps! Leave a comment if you try anything, or if they make a difference!

XOXO, Renee




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