…taking iPhone pictures, and editing photos on VSCO!

Hi there everyone!

I am new to the whole photography and editing photos! But here is what I do, and use, to edit photos.

FIRST, taking the photos!

  • I don’t own a fancy shmancy camera so I use my iPhone 6S right now!
  • Use the grid!
    • helps a ton! Line up your focus where you want it.
    • Go into Settings App, scroll and find “Camera”, find “Grid” and tap the little switch to turn it on.
  • Use HDR when you get the chance.
    • you might find that you like using it a lot more.
  • Take more than you think!
    • one isn’t enough. You might find that the focus changes or the lighting changes! I normally take about 4 or 5, but I know of some people that take close to 40 or 50!
    • you could also hold the circle button to take multiple pictures at once — this is called “Burst”, and when you go to view your photo you can select the one(s) you want to keep.
  • Use the volume button
    • If you don’t want to use the on screen circle button use the volume button.

SECOND, touch ups.

  • There are a lot of different options to choose from for editing and touch ups, but I’ve got the broke girl option!
    • Facetune 2 App — this one is a go to, and free to a certain point. Have fun and play around, and leave me a comment below on what you use! But this has everything from lighting, to acne touch ups, to brightening features.
    • Adobe Photoshop — this another option, but will cost you monthly. They have a free 7 day trial, but will charge you annually after! (varying on if you are a student or a purchasing a value pack).

THIRD, Filters!

  • I’ve have used a few apps in the past to filter, and edit my pictures but my ultimate go to right now — AND ITS FREE — is VSCO!
    • VSCO
    • This app is free, has a ton of filters, and also gives you the option to buy more!
    • LIFE HACK! If you don’t find a filter that gives you exactly what you want, go to Pinterest and you can search “VSCO filters” and there will be a ton of VSCO filter recipes where people give you what examples of what they have done, and its FREE!!!


I hope this helps! Have fun, and please leave me a comment if you try any of these. ALSO, let me know what else you want to hear about!

PS; Here is my Pinterest page where I have listed different posts, and VSCO filter recipes! Have fun! MY PINTEREST — Photography

XOXO, Renee


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