… 50 days till vacation and everything I still need to do.

Hello everyone!

50 days might seem like a lot of time but there are a lot of ducks to get straight! So lets take a look at my check list!

50 days to go:

  • walk through closet and make a shopping list!
    • This is the time to do online shopping, and still have enough time to return it for a different size, or get your money back…
    • ALSO! if you plan on buy swim wear online, it takes about 2 months to get (sometimes!) so its now or never!

30 days to go:

  • triple check that the:
    • hotel is booked for the right days!
    • activities are booked
    • plane tickets are ready
    • I have the appropriate luggage!

15 days to go:

  • make sure work knows that you are leaving!
    • (depending on where you work you might have to put in a vacation request of the days you are taking off, more like 60 days in advance!)
  • if you are missing anything, now would be the time to order something online
    • (but only maybe 2 day shipping on amazon!)
  • leave your suit case or a laundry basket in the corner of your room, and start throwing things that you might need into it!
    • example; I just did laundry and know I will need this white top for vacation, and most likely won’t wear it until then so…. WHOP! there ya go! and now you won’t forget it!

10 days to go:

  • check the weather!
  • Sit down and make a check list!
  • “Make a target run!” (wow I sound like a commercial!) no but seriously, run to the mall, or the dollar store!
  • do some reading! Read about where you are going! There is always history to learn, or safety tips to know.

5 days to go:

  • start throwing more stuff into that suit case! (don’t worry! we’ll fold it up soon!)

1 day to go:

the day of!

  • phone charger!
  • makeup bag/ bathroom bag!
  • camera!
  • sunglasses!
  • bags!
  • tickets!


Have fun everyone!

XOXO, Renee


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