…suitcase hacks!

Here are my top 5 favorite things to do when loading up my roll-y storage tube.

#1.) STOP! and now, ROLL!

  • Its probably the most common thing said by travel bloggers but I kid you not, you save SO much space, time, and sanity by rolling all of your clothes. It also is easier to grab, and find something when looking for an item.

#2.) Packing Cubes!

  • I asked for these for christmas one year, and I got one set from my cousin, and another from my dad! Since I started using them, I can not stop! I have black mesh ones for my clothes, and clear plastic ones for my makeup, and tolietries!
  • Here are some listed places where you can find some!
  • Life hack!
    • If you don’t have time to order or run out and buy packing cubes — well put them on your shopping list for next time — but just use zipblock bags! Put your clothes into the bags, and zip up (not all the way yet!), and right before closing it, squish out all the air!

#3.) Bring a pillow case!

  • Don’t be confused. I pack a pillow case with me every time I sleep away from home. I can use it on a hotel pillow, or a guest pillow, and then… it doubles as a dirty laundry bag! Once you get home, just dump all dirty clothes into the wash, and just throw the pillow case in there too! Works every time!

#4.) When packing shoes…

  • …put them in old plastic bags. This will protect all of your clothes!
  • …or use dollar store shower caps. The elastic cups around your shoes and stays in place.

#5.) The order to pack!

  • First, load up those cubes.
    • one cube for shirts
    • another for pants
    • and if need be, another for under garments
  • Second, shoes!
    • Place bulky stuff first! on top of the cubes!
      • aka tennis shoes.
    • Now skinny stuff.
      • sandals!
    • Life Hack!
      • Where your most bulky item on the plane/drive with you!
  • Third, Bundles of socks!
    • Socks can be tucked into every nook and cranny!
      • Shove them in shoes
      • open holes and spaces
      • extra pockets
  • Fourth, Toiletry bag!
    • I always pack my makeup, and bathroom stuff last because that is normally the first thing I want to get out of when I get to my destination!
    • Load the heaviest things on the bottom of the bag.
      • aka. Towards the wheels end!
      • or if a duffel bag… on the base of the bag.

Have fun packing! Don’t stress! And have a wonderful trip!

XOXO, Renee



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