…how to shop before a trip! AND how not to make your wallet cry!

Hi there everyone!

Here are some times that I have learned over time on how to make your well earned money go as far as it can go! Lets take about coupons, apps, shopping around, and online shopping!

First! I go through my closet and see what I already have, and layout (actually or mentally) what I plan on taking then I make a list of things I don’t have that I need. THEN I think what I might want additionally; that are not necessities.

Then, the fun part!

When you are planning ahead to go shopping. (And I mean like 1 or 2 months ahead!)

Online shop and check out these websites first! AND lets save some money too!

  • The stores website itself! You might find out they they have a BOGO sale going on, or maybe they have a print out coupon!
  • GROUPON! Don’t be fooled — like I was! I thought groupon.com was just travel coupons for tourist-y stuff and local shops so I could get a coupon for when I go get my nails done. NOPE! You can find some pretty good deals and coupons on this site! (Groupon)
  • Retain me not! (Retail Me Not)
  • Unidays! IF you are a current student, this website will be the saving grace to your wallet! All you do is enter your student email and some other quick details on their website (UNIDAYS Student Login) and you will be swimming in amazing deals!

In store shopping! (1-3 weeks until departure!)

  • Check the drawer of coupons that everyone throws all those mailed coupons into… yeah I know you have one! Flip through all of those before you even leave the house!
  • The website itself
  • Your email
    • now if you checked the website, if you sign up a week before, they might send you a 20% coupon!
  • TJ Maxx and Marshals!
    • Check out TJ Maxx or Marshals! These are my all time favorite places to shop. They have cute, high quality stuff — and most of the time name brand stuff — but at a WONDERFUL price!
  • Or if you’re a fan of Thrifting!…
    • What a fun idea! Grab a friend, and spend a day walking through a couple thrift stores or resale shops! There are — a lot of the time — name brand stuff, things with tags still on them, or cute items, that are only like $3!! I got 6 new sweaters this past winter for $20! I also found a pair of NEARLY NEW Levis for like $8! (THAT’S LIKE A 90% savings). Can you tell I am fascinated?!





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